Meet Future Me.

Meet one of the names from this year’s list of “top 40 under 40 entrepreneurs” in fortune India. He has established two companies in the span of 5 years, namely “Linux Spirit Academy” and “LOVE-OPEN-SOURCE SOLUTIONS”. He drew his inspiration from Linus Torvalds, founder of the Linux kernel. He is in love with open source technology. He almost uses open source technology for everything in day to day life. He is also a passionate blogger. His blogging is focused on Digital Marketing, Linux hacks, Howtos, blog setup, DevOps training. His site attracts almost 1 million visitors every month. According to fortune India, his company recorded a growth of 43% in the last year.

The Linux Spirit Academy is a Linux and Open source training center. Institute Provides classroom programs as well as an online program. According to him, he always wanted to establish an institution that educates students or professionals in the fields of open source technologies. His institute Linux Spirit Academy offers various courses like Linux system administration, DevOps training, Website Development. An interesting fact is that his institute provides the basics of every course absolutely free. You can walk and enroll yourself in any course. According to him, by offering free basic courses people start learning without fear of losing anything (Money). Once they are comfortable with the basics of the desired course they are in a better position to enroll in the intermediate course. He proudly accepts that he is copying his mentor Deepak Kanakaraju of DIGITAL DEEPAK strategies and it is paying.

Meanwhile, his other company “Love-Open-Source Solutions” is a consultancy cum service-based company. The Company provides consultancy and support in Website hosting, email server solution, Linux Server AMC, Storage solutions with the help of open-source tools. The Company helps others to choose the best open source tools according to their needs. The company provides free consultancy, once clients choose the software, they can opt for support from the company.

His mantra for success is “Stop thinking and start doing”.